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What is Exactly a snom Phone by Gary Audin


What Exactly Is a Microsoft Lync Phone?
September, 2013
By Gary Audin



snom Technology COO Shares VoIP Market Trends, Product Roadmap
Lync Integration, Cloud-Based VoIP Both See Growing Demand
By Larry Hettick on Tue, 10/29/13 - 3:06pm.

We recently interviewed Michael Storella - the COO at snomTechnology Inc. to get his take on recent market developments. snom technology AG was founded in Berlin in 1996, and the company is focused on developing and producing SIP-based VoIP telephones for business communications. snom maintains a presence in more than 40 countries around the world.

isCoord launches Lync Client for Broadsoft customers


iscoord Unveils is-phone Desktop Lync with support for BroadSoft's BroadWorks

XmarteK and Sangoma in the Microsoft Partner Conference Toronto July 2012



Sangoma Launches a Lync in a box appliance



XmarteK received the TOP SALES 2012 Distribution Award from SANGOMA


Mobility, Video and Cloud computing - the new buzz!


The integration of the 4G networks, the new smart phones, tablets, and the ease of integration of the GSM Networks, with the TDM networks and IP Networks are creating a new sandbox for the industry. The cost effective integration of videoconferencing devices and the ease of deploying a MCU today, are changing the demands of the common end user that today expects much more from the IT insfrastructure an services.  On the other hand cloud computing is changing the perception of IT investment, specially for companies with small IT staff.

Excelente reunion Mundial de Distribuidores Sangoma en Toronto


La reunion convoco a Distribuidores de todo el mundo, se intercambiaron ideas y se anunciaron planes que muy pronto van a traducirse en promociones y eventos para nuestros canlales Sangoma. GRACIAS SANGOMA por un evento espectacular.

3CX reportes en Espaniol


Cómo hacer que los reportes sean generados en español

Este es un resumen de un blog que se publico en el sitio de 3CX que creo puieda interesar a aquellos que quieran editar reportes en otro idioma en las centrales 3CX.

Security issues with 3CX



Dear Partner,


We recommend all partners with 3CX Phone System servers which have the web server port exposed to the internet to secure their provisioning directory against brute force hacking attempts. This can be done easily as follows:


1. If using 3CX Phone System v9 with the Abyss web server - upgrade to service pack 4. This will automatically activate the anti hacking feature on Abyss.



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