Enterprise IP Phones

The Grandstream GXP Series are next-generation enterprise SIP telephones that are feature rich, auto-provisionable for mass deployment, easy to use and competitively priced. The GXP Series supports a broad range of codecs, security protection, PoE, dual 10/100mbps Ethernet ports and are very easy to manage.

The GXP2020 6-line Enterprise IP Phone is ideal for both the executive office, advanced enterprise users and busy call centers needing advanced functionality such as xml capabilities.
GrandstreamGXP2010 4-line Key System IP Phone
The GXP2010 4-line Key System IP Phone is an ideal solution for the busy call center or small business that wants the feature functionality of a key-system.
GrandstreamGXP2020 EXT Expansion Module
The GXP2020 EXT Expansion Module delivers additional functionality, versatility and flexibility to Grandstream's GXP2020 and GXP2010 enterprise IP phone series.
GrandstreamGXP2000 Enterprise IP Phone
GXP2000 is 4-line enterprise SIP telephone that is feature rich, easy to use, supports integrated power-over-Ethernet and is competitively priced.
GrandstreamGXP2000EXT Expansion Module
The GXP2000EXT module is an ideal solution for the busy enterprise environment looking to add the ability to receive and dispatch calls efficiently with the GXP2000.
GrandstreamGXP1200 Entry Level 2-line IP Phone
GXP1200 Entry Level 2-line IP Phone features a A GUI web interface that makes it easy to install and manage. It features a hands-free duplex speakerphone, backlit graphic LCD display, eight dedicated function keys, and XML applications.
GrandstreamGXP280 Small Business 1-line IP Phone
The GXP280 is a next generation small business SIP phone that features 1 line appearance, 128x32 graphic LCD, 3 XML programmable softkeys, and dual 10M/100Mbps network ports.