Mediatrix VoIP access devices, VoIP gateways and solutions are designed for immediate deployment within existing network architectures delivering on the promises of VoIP today. Mediatrix products and solutions focus on delivering IP telephony's basic benefits: cost-effectiveness, reliability and scalability.

Mediatrix VoIP access devices are adaptors that connect conventional telephones, legacy telephony systems or G3 fax machines to a Local Area Network (LAN). They access an Intranet or the Internet to permit high-quality, full-duplex, audio/fax communications over IP Packet Networks. In addition, Mediatrix VoIP gateways provide IP connectivity to legacy PBX systems, as well as PSTN access to IP-based PBX and Key systems. Moreover, Mediatrix products are designed to provide VoIP functionality over existing corporate networks and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to produce cost-effective converged voice/data IP networks.

What's more, Mediatrix products support the major signaling protocols in use today: SIP, MGCP/NCS and H.323. This allows for maximum industry interoperability and greater flexibility in field deployments.



Mediatrix products and solutions provide real cost-effectiveness by leveraging existing equipment and networks. This allows a gradual, scalable implementation and easy integration with service provider and enterprise data networks.

In so doing, Mediatrix products provide all the benefits of Internet telephony (long distance savings, network convergence benefits, IP telephony applications, and so on) while retaining existing legacy telephony equipment.


Mediatrix products perform all required IP telephony tasks in one small enclosure. They digitize the audio signal and then compress, packetize and manage the flow of digital audio/fax information to permit high-quality, full-duplex communications over any TCP/IP network.

In fact, Mediatrix devices have been designed to support all major industry standards used today, such as the G.711, G.723.1 and G.729ab codecs.


Because they have been designed to support major industry standards, Mediatrix products can be integrated with existing telephones, faxes, legacy PBX and Key systems and LAN/WAN equipment such as bridges, routers and switches. These characteristics enable gradual and strategic implementation within virtually any telephony/data network.

To address current market needs, Mediatrix provides a range of VoIP access devices and VoIP gateways that are stackable, rackable, and feature an elegant casing and practical size suitable for desktop applications.


Mediatrix products and solutions offer a set of telephony and network features that provide one of the best price-performance product offering in the market. In addition to high-quality voice transmissions, Mediatrix products offer the features required to interact effectively with the PSTN.

Moreover, Mediatrix products and solutions integrate advanced security features (e.g. SNMPv3, NAT/firewall traversal). Also, Mediatrix products are designed to be remotely and easily managed, configured and provisioned. To that end, Mediatrix markets its own element management system, the Unit Manager Network.


Since the VoIP industry is comprised of many equipment vendors, Mediatrix' comprehensive products and solutions offer seamless integration with systems of leading vendors of IP telephony solutions with significant market penetration. Mediatrix has achieved seamless interoperability with soft switches, SIP servers, H.323 gatekeepers and MGCP call agents of leading VoIP vendors.

In turn, service providers, carriers and system integrators can deploy total end-to-end IP telephony solutions to end-users, by making use of Mediatrix products and VoIP management systems from Mediatrix Business Partners.

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How to get support for Mediatrix products

Your first point of contact to have support for your Mediatrix products is Xmartek. You can email us to Also you can get support directly from Mediatrix in:

Media5 provides technical support to registered M5T "Users" through our Partner Web Portal (PWP). However, Technical Support is also available for assistance with installation as well as with pre-sales technical-related questions through our Professional Services Department

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On a case-by-case basis and by request to the Support Manager:

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Mediatrix RMAs

Once the technical support team from Mediatrix has confirmed that your hardware needs to be replace and if it is under warranty you need to go to the Technical Assistance Center and check all details for RMA process

If the product was sold by Xmartek send a copy of your RMA's email to

How to get Documentation and drivers.

Current software releases and manuals can be found in: follow the instructions for a new user creation.


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