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In today's connecting world there is an unrelenting need for more and more access to the global network. The Internet has brought exciting applications exploding onto the market, voice and data convergence is spinning our heads, traditional and new media providers are colliding and combining, and all the while the masses of the world remain unconnected. Patton brings the solutions.

Patton Electronics is a leader in the production of network access and connectivity products including, Voice over IP (VoIP), G.SHDSL ipDSLAMs, broadband transmission, dial-up (V.90) and dedicated (xDSL) access servers, network termination units (NTUs), base-band and short-range modems, fiber-optic modems, interface converters and surge protectors.

Patton is building on its expertise in integrated network access, transmission, IP and Frame Relay technologies and leading in the development of right-priced products to simplify access to the global network.

Patton Electronics

Business Leadership Team

Today, Patton's Business Leadership Team is comprised of industry leaders with proven skills and experience, not only in establishing and penetrating leading-edge technology markets but also in effectively operating fast-growing technology businesses.


Patton's customers span the size spectrum, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. The majority of these customers specialize in telecommunications, primarily carriers (CLECs, RBOCs, PTTs), Service Providers or corporations with private networks.

Operations and Facilities

Patton has no geographic boundaries - over half of our corporate revenue comes from international customers deploying our products overseas. Patton has its headquarters in Gaithersburg, Maryland with sales and support operations in Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, Asia/Pacific, Middle East, the Caribbean and Latin America.

Patton, an ISO 9001 manufacturer, has over 200 distributors worldwide. All of our products carry the mark and other certifications as required such as CTR-12 and 13 approval for our G.703/G.704 products, and for all our ISDN products we carry the

IP Telephony

Media Gateways

Patton Electronics

Patton Support

How to get support for Patton products.

Your first point of contact to have support for your Patton products is Xmartek. You can email us to  Also you can get support directly from Patton in:

Also, you can email your support requests to

Patton Support Services

Patton Electronics provides free lifetime support and software updates for all Patton products to all Patton channels, resellers and end-users. This unique free-support proposition sets Patton apart from most players in the industry. Free support and software updates comprise a key factor in determining the total cost of ownership for Patton products, signifying a competitive advantage for all Patton channels, resellers and end-users.
Free Support and Software Updates

Patton provides extensive product documentation that is freely accessible on our website (scroll down). Patton user manuals, FAQ pages, application notes and Tech notes are designed to provide you with answers for many questions arising from the deployment and use or our products. Software releases are published at regular intervals and documented with detailed release notes. Free software updates are available from Together with our global network of certified Channels, Patton will help you solve specific configuration, interoperability and operation problems free of charge.

Professional Services

In addition to free support, Patton also offers a number of professional services that help channels, resellers and end-users make the best use of our products. Patton Certified Channels around the world provide professional services ranging from network design consulting and network planning to installation and maintenance contracts for Patton products. You can hire Patton networking professionals for a few hours or several days to consult with you about network design solutions built on Patton products. Patton can provide complete configurations files or, if you prefer, travel to your site to handle the entire installation. Please contact your regional sales manager for a quote.

Patton RMAs

Once the technical support team from Patton has confirmed that your hardware needs to be replace and if it is under warranty you need to go to the link and check all details for RMA process

If the product was sold by Xmartek send a copy of your RMA's email to

How to get Documentation and drivers.

Current software releases can be found in:

For manuals and documentation go to  


Patton Electronics


First Step: Become an XmarteK Partner

At XmarteK, we are always looking to engage in partnerships with local players that can help us to extend our reach in the region. If you are interested in hearing more about Patton and joining our partner program, we invite you to present your organization through our reseller application form.

Once you register at XmarteK online as well as submit a successful reseller application, you will have access to secure resources only available to Patton registered users. You will not only be able to enjoy our benefits, but will also have access to marketing tools, training information, downloads, as well as our price list!

1.       Create an account at XmarteK online

2.       Complete our reseller application and join the Patton partner program through XmarteK!

Once you successfully become part of our program, your company will benefit from:

1.     Access to the products we represent along with discounted prices

2.     Catalogs, Manuals, and Promotions

3.     Multilingual commercial and technical support, provided by highly qualified professionals.

4.     Logistical support in facilitating and integrating relationships with Latin America

5.     Distribution of leads that we receive from our vendors, website and marketing activity

6.     Direct technical support and commercial support from our vendors

7.     Membership to the XmarteK Network of System Integrators and Resellers where you can extend your presence through other members in more than 50 countries

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Patton Smartnode 5 BRI VoIP IAD - 1 Fast Ethernet, 8 VoIP Call; Passthrough Relay; G.SHDSL.bis interface, H.323 and SIP, External 100-250VAC 50/60Hz Power, High Precision 5ppm clock source.

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Patton Smartnode IpChannelBank 12 FXS VoIP IAD, Integrated V.35 WAN, 2x10/100bTX, H.323 and SIP, Redundant UI Power

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