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VXi Corporation has been delivering best-in-class headset solutions to enable clear, consistent and reliable voice communications.

VXi is known around the world for delivering value, excellence and innovation to contact centers, offices, speech recognition users and mobile professionals. Our headsets are designed for comfort and durability in the work place and meet the highest global standards for reliability, durability and overall product quality. Headquartered in Dover, New Hampshire, we pride ourselves in delivering superior customer service and back our products with the industry's best and longest warranties.

Passport Telephone Headsets Professional grade headset solutions with easy interchangeability with Plantronics® or GN Netcom® headsets. Passport P headsets feature a Plantronics compatible quick disconnect and the Passport G headset feature a GN Netcom compatible quick disconnect for connection to Plantronics and GN Netcom amplifiers and direct connect cords respectively. Get quality that matches or exceeds the competition at a better price. Backed by an unconditional two year warranty.

Call Center Solutions VXI's Professional Grade Call Center solutions feature high quality noise canceling microphones for amazing sounding calls. Every headset is designed with 24/7 comfort and durability in mind. In addition to our VXI quick disconnect, Passport telephone headsets are available with Plantronics compatibile (P Series) and GN Netcom compatibile (G Series) quick disconnects.



vxi corp

Service, Value & Choice

With an expanded global marketplace and increased competition worldwide, VXI Corporation understands that customers are most likely to choose a solutions provider who offers the best mix of service, choice, and value.

VXI understands that professional headsets are used in very demanding environments. Today's 24/7 call center operations expect consistent and reliable performance from the headsets they use. Indeed, headsets themselves undergo a variety of stresses in normal daily use - twisting and turning of components, less than careful placement on tabletop surfaces, and oftentimes face far worse punishments and abuse.

We recognize that companies invest in equipment for the long term, and that they depend on headsets to last. All VXI products utilize durable, long-lasting materials that hold up to the stresses of daily use. Furthermore, and most importantly, VXI confidently provides a 2 Year Unconditional Warranty on many of its call center and VoIP products. The VXI Unconditional Warranty guarantees 100% top performance of that product for the life of the warranty. This means that for whatever reason, whether the cause was by defect, or by normal wear and tear, or even by breakage from accident, abuse, neglect, etc VXI will repair or replace any in-warranty item that fails to perform at 100% top performance. This Unconditional Warranty policy ensures that our global customers can use VXI products with the highest confidence -secure in the knowledge that VXI designs, quality, materials, and Unconditional Warranty service keep maintenance costs low and predictable. The peace of mind gained using VXI products means that companies around the globe can devote more of their energies towards fulfilling the needs of their customers.

Additionally, VXI delivers the most comprehensive array of choices for call center, business, and VoIP customers throughout the globe. VXI unveiled the Passport family of products to address customers' key requirements for professional headsets - providing adaptability and versatility never before offered by other headset manufacturers. Indeed, certain VXI Passport models are compatible with existing call center headsets from industry competitors GNNetcom and Plantronics. By producing products that are compatible to competitors' equipment, VXI expands the range of solutions available to the headset customer -which means that international customers can experience the VXI advantage in the most versatile and cost effective manner possible. Whether it's purchasing headset equipment for a new venture, or buying replacement/upgrade headsets for use in an existing call center (with perhaps a headset connection standard already in place), VXI Passport headset solutions are the perfect choice for whatever the requirement.

For over 15 years, VXI has been an innovative leader in the industry - providing the latest designs and technologies at competitive rates. Indeed, a key aspect of our product design approach is to offer upgrade component technologies as standard equipment. This contrasts with the practice of our competitors who offer premium technologies only on their premium-level headsets. As an example, all our VXI headsets come supplied with superior noise-canceling microphones - a critical technology that ensures the best quality sound and utmost security when used in busy call centers. Noise-canceling microphones found on our VXI headsets perform far better than the inferior "voice tube" designs offered by our competitors - and our VXI noise-canceling technologies are available at similar (and oftentimes better) prices than what our competitors offer for their voice-tube models. Clearly, VXI offers a real value advantage to customers around the globe - providing superior technology at unbeatable prices.

Indeed, it is clear. VXI Corporation provides the most attractive, versatile, useful, and reliable headset solutions which meet the demands of the global customer. VXI offers quality products and dependable Unconditional warranty coverage; a range of designs that perfectly integrate with existing equipment; and premium features available at attractive prices. This is the VXI advantage.

Multimedia Contact Centers

vxi corp

How to get support for VXI

Your first point of contact to have support for your VXI product is Xmartek. You can email us to xsupport@xmartek.com 

You can then go online and in the VXI product support page VXI Product Support, you can find Specifications, User's Guide, Literature, Warranty, Compatibility Guide, SetTracker and more for VXI Products.

Information on VXI RMAs


1. If your VXI headset or amplifier fails to work for any reason during the first two years from the date of purchase as shown by the purchaser's warranty registration, VXI will repair or replace the headset or amplifier, at its election, free of charge. Without warranty registration, the warranty period begins on the date of manufacture. All products returned to VXI after the two-year warranty period will be repaired as out-of-warranty products, and the purchaser will be billed for such repairs pursuant to the out-of-warranty repair provisions set forth below.

2. The obligations of VXI under this warranty shall be limited to repair or replacement (at our option) of any part returned freight prepaid to VXI. Returned products require a Return Authorization that may be requested from VXI by calling 1-800-742-8588.


Some jurisdictions do not permit the exclusion of implied warranties and the foregoing exclusions may not apply to you.

4. In no event shall VXI be responsible for any other damages whatsoever including direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or otherwise for breach of this or any other warranty, express or implied.

5. Products returned to VXI for warranty and out-of-warranty repairs, freight prepaid and with proper Return Authorization, will be return shipped to the customer at VXI's expense within five (5) business days of VXI's receipt of payment.


VXI will repair out-of-warranty headsets or amplifiers for such charges as may be applicable as of the date of receipt by VXI. See return details above. Out-of-warranty repairs are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for ninety (90) days.







VXI extends a 30 day money back guarantee on all VXI products. Please call Customer Service at 800-742-8588 for a Return Authorization number that must be placed on the return box. All products must be returned in like new condition in original packaging. Return policy applies to products purchased directly from VXI only. Reseller return policies may vary. Please note, more often times than not, the product may seem like it is not working, when in fact it was simply not installed correctly. We suggest reading through your manual, reviewing instructions in the Customer Support section of our website and seeking assistance from our Customer Service team to make sure that your products are installed correctly. To download a PDF of our 30 day money back guarantee, click here.


PLEASE NOTE! Regardless of ship method selected, orders placed before 2:00pm EST, Monday - Friday will typically ship the same day. Orders placed after 2:00pm will be shipped the next business day.

Shipping charges for the US and Canada will be based upon actual UPS charges.


International Orders: VXI can only ship orders to the US and Canada at this time. Click here to view our International Website which features our international distributors. They would be happy to assist you with your VXI product needs.

Note: Any duties and taxes levied on products shipped to Canada will be the responsiblity of the customer.













vxi corp

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