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Founded in 2003, YX Wireless is the manufacturer of the successful family of Xibelis and Xibelis X3 mobile converters.
The company focus has been around hardware for wireless and internet communications for security systems, advanced routing technologies for cost reduction on calls from fixed to cellular telephones, and hardware for home security and remote device operation.

In April, 2009, the company launched the Lyric LCR, a second generation security device with advanced routing technology that decreases the cost of calls to mobile telephones by 75% or more.

We also offer the latest generation family of internet communication devices for security systems and access control, called Sight Systems.

YX Wireless is endorsed by all major mobile operators. In Latin America is endorsed by ANATEL (Brazil), and COFETEL (Mexico).

Our headquarters and Research and Development center is located in Santiago, Chile, where it provides pre- and post- sale service to all of South America. It also has commercial offices in Mexico City, serving Mexico and Central America.


YX Wireless Support.

In the YX Wireless support page http://www.yx.cl/us/soporte_eng.html you can find information and FAQs for YX Wireless products.

How to get support for YX Wireless.

Your first point of contact to have support for your YX Wireless products is Xmartek. You can email us to xsupport@xmartek.com  Also you can get support directly from YX Wireless if you send them an email to 

U.S.A and  Canada: support@yxwireless.com

Mexico and Central America: soporte@yxwireless.com.mx

Chile and South America: soporte@yxwireless.com


YX Wireless RMAs

You first need to send an email to support@yxwireless.com with all product details, its reference, problem description, serial number, date of purchase so that they will be able to determine if your product needs to be replaced.

If the product was sold by Xmartek send a copy of your RMA's email to xsupport@xmartek.com

First Step: Become an XmarteK Partner

Once you register at XmarteK online as well as submit a successful reseller application, you will have access to secure resources only available to YX Wireless registered users. You will not only be able to enjoy our benefits, but will also have access to marketing tools, training information, downloads, as well as our price list!

1.       Create an account at XmarteK online

2.       Complete our reseller application and join the YX Wireless partner program through XmarteK!

Once you successfully become part of our program, your company will benefit from:

1.     Access to the products we represent along with discounted prices

2.     Catalogs, Manuals, and Promotions

3.     Multilingual commercial and technical support, provided by highly qualified professionals.

4.     Logistical support in facilitating and integrating relationships with Latin America

5.     Distribution of leads that we receive from our vendors, website and marketing activity

6.     Direct technical support and commercial support from our vendors

7.     Membership to the XmarteK Network of System Integrators and Resellers where you can extend your presence through other members in more than 50 countries

If you would like to fill out our reseller application form, please click here!

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