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BlueParrott TalkPro


BlueParrott TalkPro B1000-GTX Wireless PC Headset System

Wireless for your PC! Bluetooth headset for non-Bluetooth computers. The base connects to the PC via a USB connector. Wireless range between the base and headset up to 75 feet. Features a sophisticated noise canceling microphone for demanding voice applications such as speech recognition. Durable and comfortable. Headset controls include pairing, microphone mute & volume. The headset also works with Bluetooth cellular phones. Backed by a two year manufacturer's warranty. USB connection compatible with Windows Vista, XP, Me, 2000, 98SE and Mac OS 9.1 and higher.

Wireless and accurate.
The family of VXI TalkPro headsets deliver reliable accuracy and
consistent performance with speech recognition software
applications. These powerful attributes can now be enjoyed wirelessly
with the VXI BlueParrott TalkPro B1000-GTX, a wireless Bluetooth
headset designed specifically for use with speech recognition

Professional grade Bluetooth headset.
Superior noise canceling microphone, same as found on all VXI TalkPro
headsets, delivers accurate results. Unlike other Bluetooth headsets,
that are meant for mobile phones, the BlueParrott TalkPro B1000-GTX's
microphone boom design ensures proper microphone positioning
delivering consistent speech recognition performance. In addition,
the comfortable TalkPro B1000-GTX transmits up to 75 feet with clarity
and wireless freedom.

Set up is simple.
USB plug and play connectivity means installation is simple,
straightforward and fast. Enjoy wireless, handsfree communication
with PC applications with the VXI BlueParrott TalkPro B1000-GTX.

VXI BlueParrott TalkPro B1000-GTX Headset

Premium noise canceling microphone
Professional styling for long wearing comfort
Stable fit, headset stays in place
Range up to 75 feet from the VXI BlueParrott base
Volume, call answer/end, standby, on/off, pairing and mute
Security: 128 Bit digital encryption provides
air-tight security during wireless communication
Also links to Bluetooth cellular phones
Talk up to 6 hours without recharging
Standby time up to 100 hours
VXI BlueParrott TalkPro B1000-GTX Base
USB connectivity compatible with Windows XP, 2000, Me,
98SE and Macintosh OS 9.1 and higher
Security: 128 Bit digital encryption provides air-tight
security during wireless communication
Easy installation. Includes 6 ft extension cord
AC adapter - no batteries needed

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