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Quintum Technologies is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the network convergence market.

Quintum Technologies is an eight-year-old Voice over IP innovator, headquartered in Eatontown, New Jersey, with distribution in more than 67 countries around the world.

Corporate Philosophy

Quintum has developed a complete line of intelligent Tenor VoIP access switching and gateway solutions that are deployed in enterprise and service provider networks around the world. The Quintum Tenor® solution is the only product that offers Survivability to assure telephony communications remain live in branch office locations, even if the IP PBX network fails; Unmatched protection of voice quality and availability; Ease of Ownership with scalability, security and remote management capabilities; Ease of installation because Tenors are designed to fit into virtually any network offering and compatibility across PBX and IP PBX environments and Lower TCO because Tenors require no PBX modifications, no additional equipment, and no provisioning expenses.

Quintum offers solutions ranging from 2 to 48 analog VoIP ports, from 1 to 32 T1, E1, PRI spans and 2, 4 or 8 BRI/ST ports, as well as Session Border Controllers and a Remote Management Session Server for easy management of remote Tenors, even those behind NAT firewalls.

The VoIP Industry

Voice over IP has tantalized the business world for years. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why it has not yet been widely accepted. Customer acceptance of VoIP has remained weak for one intractable reason ... risk. Phone service is absolutely critical to day-to-day operations, and no one wants to put it at risk. For enterprises, its many significant benefits - including lower call costs, integrated voice/data applications, and simplified network operations - remain out of reach. Service providers are not yet able to attract customers with lower costs and bundled services, which makes VoIP an attractive component of next-generation market strategies ... all because of risk. Quintum's products address these concerns.

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Tenor MultiPath Switch vs. Traditional VoIP Gateways

Benefits Tenor MultiPath Traditional VoIP Gateway
Easy to Deploy
  • MULTIPATH ARCHITECTURE provides easy integration with customer's existing network architecture.
  • Utilizes trunks with STANDARD TELEPHONY INTERFACES to integrate "legacy devices" when adding VoIP services.
  • HIDDEN COSTS for additional tie trunk hardware on the PBX.
  • PBX MUST be REPROGRAMMED to route VoIP calls.
  • ADDS COMPLEXITY and COST to deployment.
  • Intelligent Call Routing and Switching
  • Tenor provides DYNAMIC CALL ROUTING and SWITCHING intelligence, thus enabling Tenor to be deployed TRANSPARENTLY to the existing network.
  • Supports INTEGRATED CIRCUIT SWITCHING and VoIP CALLS in the same device.
  • NO CALL ROUTING or switching. Calls are are simply converted from circuit to packet and back again.
  • NO CIRCUIT SWITCHING - all calls must be switched externally.
  • Survivable and Reliable
  • FAILOVER TO PSTN if IP network experiences QoS or connectivity issues.
  • BTBUA (SIP) offers "LOCAL PROXY" for support of SIP endpoints/phones in branch/remote/small offices.
  • NO CALL ROUTING or switching. Calls are are simply converted from circuit to packet and back again.
  • NO CIRCUIT SWITCHING - all calls must be switched externally.
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • PacketSaverTM REDUCES CALL BANDWIDTH, minimizing network congestion.
  • END-TO-END QoS IS NOT AVAILABLE unless a complete QoS is implemented throughout the network.
  • If a fallback option exists, the calls may ONLY ROUTED TO THE PSTN AT CALL SETUP.
  • Flexible
  • HIGHLY PROGRAMMABLE DIAL PLAN allows simplified integration with customer's internal/external dial plan requirements.
  • INTEGRATED CALL ROUTING & PROCESSING allows the Tenor to support a complete VoIP network independently.
  • TRADITIONAL GATEWAYS LACK INTELLIGENCE and simply provides circuit-to-packet conversion.
  • NO ABILITY TO SUPPORT CALL ROUTING, thus requiring external intelligence to support a VoIP application, which increases cost and complexity.
  • Secure
  • NATAccessTM technology allows the Tenor to securely operate behind and with the customer's firewall.
  • Gateways typically need to sit OUTSIDE THE FIREWALL in the DMZ where it's far LESS SECURE.
  • Quintum

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