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2016-10-26 - 2016-11-09
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Trimax, Inc

Trimax solutions deliver ubiquitous, high capacity data, video and voice services, covering the entire range of license-free ISM and licensed microwave frequencies. Trimax provides a unique combination of WiFi, WiMAX and DECT based on existing and emerging protocol and standards. Our modular and scalable solutions are used to build voice, video and data broadband wireless networks which are very powerful, efficient and cost effective.

Trimax integrated solutions are built for carriers, network providers, corporations, government and military entities worldwide. Built to military standards, Trimax Wireless exceeds commercial norms in performance and durability. All products are resilient, require minimum maintenance and offer robust, reliable, and long-lasting network solutions for multiple applications and services.

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Trimax, Inc


Trimax, Inc
Trimax, Inc