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XR3000 is a heavy-duty, stand-alone, pre-configured, out-of-the-box Asterisk IP PBX

The XR3000 is an Elastix Asterisk IP PBX system supporting various combinations of telephony ports. The stand-alone XR3000 base unit may be equipped with up to 32 analog FXS/FXO ports, up to 8 BRI ISDN ports, and up to 4 E1/T1 PRI, 4 T1 CAS, or 4 E1 R2 ports in a single, 19" 2U chassis. Additional PSTN/analog phone ports can be provided by connecting external Astribank units via the USB2 ports, for a total of up to 672 PSTN/analog phones ports, up to 1000 users and up to 300 concurrent calls.



• User Friendly Web Interface
• Interface in Different Languages
• CDR (Call Details Record) via Wev access
• TDM/SIP/IAX/Trunks
• Remote Extensions
• Voice to Email
• IVR Menu System
• Ring Groups
• Call Queues
• Conference Rooms
• Follow-Me
• Time-Based Routing
• Advanced Dialing Rules
• Music-On-Hold
• Paging and Intercom
• Web access to voicemail
• Admin Status Screen
• Package Manager (for easy updates)
• Network Settings Tool
• Phone Provisioning Tool
• Echo Cancellation - OLSEC (Open Source Line Echo Cancelation)





• Complete, heavy duty stand alone IP-PBX for large businesses

• Complete telephony system for hotels and condominiums - read more

• CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers) IP-PBX



Maintenance and Support

• Monitor and keyboard support
• Rapid Recovery backup utility provided on disk-on-key (optional)
• Rapid Tunneling utility providing secure remote access for product support purposes
• Internet Updates


• Storage temperature: -20º to 70º Celsius (-4º - 158º F)
• Working temperature: 0º TO 40º Celsius (32º - 104 F)
• Humidity: 20% - 95%, non condensing

Dimensions and Weight

Weight: 8 Kg 18 Lbs (weight may vary and depends on configuration)
Size: 19" 2U industry standard rack-mountable chassis





• Asterisk version: 1. 8x (Elastix 2.2x)
• Linux Version: CentOS 5.x
• GUI: Free PBX
• Rappid Tunneling: utility oroviding secure remote access support purposes.
• Twinstar: High availability solution for complete Asterisk-based systens (requires two identical base units and an Astribank device). (Optional)


• Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
• RAM: 1 GB
• Hard Disk: From 250GB 2.5" (500GB optional)
• Echo Cancellation Module: Voice enhancement & echo cancellation (optional)
• Analog Lines Fail-over Kit: In case of power outage or an Asterisk malfunction, up to six analog OSTN lines are routed directly to predetermined analog extensions
• USB: 4 external USB 2.0
• I/O Ports: Input/Output ports for Asterisk peripheral device support
• Rapid PA: Public Adress capability fir FXS port(s)



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Xorcom XR3000