Get your  communications to a higher level with 3CX Phone Central IP for Windows - an IP Central that completely replaces your proprietary Central, supports virtual / physical standard SIP phones, VOIP services and traditional PSTN phone lines.


The 3CX Phone System is far less expensive than traditional Central and can substantially reduce the cost of calls by using a VOIP service provider. Its Web-based administration makes phone system management easy. The 3CX VOIP Phone Plant eliminates the phone wiring network and allows users to communicate with information center just raised your phone.



Case Studies

3CX Phone System for Windows has helped many businesses achieve significant benefits in a cost-effective and innovative way. Below is a selection of case studies and testimonials that illustrate the experience and insights of some of our clients highlighting how 3CX IP PBX has successfully helped them meet their telephony needs.

3CX VoIP technology powers Lotus Racing

"Configurability of 3CX is outstanding - we can easily make changes to the PBX ourselves, something that was unthinkable on a traditional PBX." - Bill Peters, Lotus Racing Head of IT

Dutch advertising agency chucks Linux-based IP PBX for easier to manage 3CX VOIP Phone System

"We don't understand VOIP, but we understand 3CX" - NO TOMATO creative team.

 RE/MAX Brokerage saves $80,000 with 3CX Phone System

Mr Adam is already very happy with the results. "I'd give 3CX 10 out of 10. It is the perfect solution for any business."

 Silicon Valley Microsoft Gold Partner looks at various PBX options and opts for 3CX VOIP Phone System

"The 3CX Phone System is a great Windows-based PBX solution for our company. It is a cost-effective solution which is easy to install and maintain" - Mike Faster, President, Coyote Creek Consulting.

Euphonix implements 3CX Phone System for cost savings and improved productivity

" 3cx has done to our PBX what Vmware did for our servers. Virtual, more manageable and since there is a lot less hardware involved a lot more reliable." -Andor Iszak, Director of Information Technology, Euphonix

 Biotechnology Company gives up traditional PBX for 3CX Phone System

 "3CX scales well, and is definitely much cheaper to scale up than comparable hardware PBX." - Ryan Crompton, Systems Administrator, ZYTO Corp.

Allcare Insurance move to the future with a 3CX Phone System

"The overall management of the system painless" - Mr. Mark Camilleri, Operations Manager


 Faith Builders sees important scalability and cost-saving benefits from adopting 3CX IP PBX
 "3CX Phone System met our organization's specific need with a timely solution. We are delighted to see their commitment to on-going development and feature additions. We have found this system an excellent fit for our organization's telecommunications needs." - Ryan Zook, Network Manager, Faith Builders.


University's Phone Bills Reduced by 81% with 3CX Phone System for Windows
"3CX is very easy to setup and manage. The MS Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging integration works very well. I am very happy with the product!" - Craig Hyatt, Information Technology Director for Campus Services, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


 3CX is the best solution when compared to other IP PBX, decides Italian Company

"I think that 3CX is one of the highest quality products in the VOIP market at the moment." - Federico Moschini, Purchase Manager, TECNID SPA.

3CX Helps UK Company Achieve Business Goals to Expand with Mobility

"3CX allows medium-sized businesses to work on a corporate scale. Fantastic!" - David Buckley, Network Manager, Rapidtech UK.


3CX develops the leading Windows based IP PBX and is a 100% channel company: 

  • 3CX Phone System is a professional software , easily manageable VoIP PBX for Windows. No need to learn or support Linux.
  • Enhance productivity with unified messaging and presence.
  • Boost mobility and allow staff to tele-work.
  • Manage the phone system via 3CX' web-based console.
  • An easy way to use your phone from Windows with 3CX Assistant!
  • 3CX Phone System has won numerous awards and is installed in more then 5000 sites worldwide.
  • Free NFR license for as long as you are an active 3CX partner.
  • Free Training events  
  • Low price makes for easy sale with budget left over for selling installation & support services.
  • Joining the partner program is free and there is no upfront commitment.
  • 3CX only sell to resellers or distributors - ensuring that we will not compete with you.




Multimedia Contact Centers

Media Gateways

How to get support for 3CX.

Your first point of contact to have support for your 3CX platform is Xmartek. You can email us to xsupport@xmartek.com  Also you can get support directly from 3CX in http://www.3cx.com/blog/help

How to know more about 3CX.

3CX has some tools available for costumer to know more about the product, one of those is the training site http://www.3cx.com/blog/training/ where you can find installation procedures and set ups.

3CX Phone System Support

3CX has extensive technical support resources including manuals, wiki, forums, configuration guides and paid support. Please note that 3CX does not provide free support. Review our support procedures and pricing here.

Support resources


SIP Phones configuration

Below is the list of SIP phone supported /Tested. In the links you will be able to find set up guide lines to bring the phone to work with 3CX PBX.


SIP Phone Configuration Guides (Preferred) 


SIP Phone Configuration Guides (Supported)

SIP Phone Configuration Guides (Tested)


Gateways Configuration.

Below is the list of gateways supported / Tested. In the links you will be able to find set up guide lines to bring the gateway to work with 3CX PBX.


VOIP Gateway Configuration Guides


3CX Training

3CX Phone System Training Course. This training consists of a series of video tutorials, which will take you through setup, configuration and maintenance of 3CX Phone System.  The video tutorials have been divided into the sections below. After completing the tutorials, you can take the 3CX certification test.







Ring Groups, Digital Receptionists, Queues

Other Features


General Concepts and Troubleshooting


3CX Visual Application Designer (VAD) Training


3CX Assistant


First Step: Become an XmarteK Partner


Once you register at XmarteK online as well as submit a successful reseller application, you will have access to secure resources only available to 3CX registered users. You will not only be able to enjoy our benefits, but will also have access to marketing tools, training information, downloads, as well as our price list!

1.       Create an account at XmarteK online

2.       Complete our reseller application and join the 3CX partner program through XmarteK! 

Once you successfully become part of our program, your company will benefit from:

1.     Access to the products we represent along with discounted prices

2.     Catalogs, Manuals, and Promotions

3.     Multilingual commercial and technical support, provided by highly qualified professionals.

4.     Logistical support in facilitating and integrating relationships with Latin America

5.     Distribution of leads that we receive from our vendors, website and marketing activity

6.     Direct technical support and commercial support from our vendors

7.     Membership to the XmarteK Network of System Integrators and Resellers where you can extend your presence through other members in more than 50 countries

If you would like to fill out our reseller application form, please click here!

The 3CX partner program

The program has been designed to promote and reward loyal & dedicated partners and offers: Partner, Premium Partner, Distributor, and OEM partnership levels.


  • Performance-based margin
  • Access to free in-house versions
  • Access to priority email support & live chat
  • Telephone support
  • Web-based sales training
  • Web-based support training
  • Certification program
  • Listing on the 3CX partner page (Requires first sale and 3CX partner logo to be displayed on your website and linked back to www.3cx.com)
  • Access to leads generated by our high traffic website
  • Ready-made content for a dedicated 3CX webpage in your site through participation in 3CX' Website Content Program


  • Mention 3CX Phone System on your website and identify yourself as a 3CX reseller
  • Be able to offer pre-sales advice to customers
  • Target to sell at least one copy of 3CX Phone System per 6 months
  • Have installed & configured 3CX Phone System and familiarized yourself with the software
  • Technical staff should have reviewed technical documentation on http://wiki.3cx.com, FAQ's and followed online technical trainings.

Who qualifies?

  • IT resellers that resell computer hardware, software or services.
  • Joining is free and you get a free Not for Resale license for internal use.
  • Sell a minimum of 1 license per 6 months to remain on the partner program  
  • Or view our Youtube presentation below for more information on the partner program.

If you would like to fill out our reseller application form, please click here!