A Sangoma foi fundada em 1984 e rapidamente ganhou ótima reputação de liderança com seus produtos de comunicação em plataforma de PC. Com crescimento acelerado, a empresa é líder no segmento de voz e componentes de conectividade para VoIP. Toda a linha de produtos traz uma série de ferramentas abrangentes para a implantação nas empresas de aplicações de software com uma ótima relação custo-benefício, poderosas e flexíveis.

Com certificações e parcerias de distribuição ao redor do mundo - África, Ásia, Europa, Austrália e do Norte e América do Sul - a Sangoma continua inovando na busca de soluções de maior alcance para o mercado global de telecomunicações.

A Sangoma oferece a flexibilidade e tem o compromisso de prestar excelente serviços e apoio aos parceiros "Autorizados Sangoma" em mais de 130 países.


Sangoma and Voice - Sangoma's intelligent Media Gateway hardware is designed to handle the most intensive applications such as voice, data and video. With unparalleled price and performance in combining router and PBX functions, the AFT series supports Analog (FXO/FXS), T1/E1, ISDN PRI and Robbed Bit Signaling.

Sangoma's unmatched voice optimized hardware and software is fueling the Open Source PBX market. Sangoma's quality, reliability and support is well known in the open source community. As a true leader, Sangoma is raising the bar in TDM voice communications with on-board, telco grade, hardware echo canceler dsp's on all Sangoma TDM voice cards. With the highest density T1/E1 and Analog TDM Voice cards on the market. And best most optimized, scalable, cross-platform device drivers available. 



Voice cards and VoIP gateways from Sangoma are the ideal connectivity enablers for software-based PBX systems. PBX developers and resellers can create all-in-one PBX systems using cost-effective, off-the-shelf hardware. Equip your IP-PBX with ubiquitous connectivity to legacy networks using Sangoma's half-length PCI and PCI-Express cards.

Unique Benefits of Sangoma Voice Cards

  • Specifically built for host-based processing of voice, leading to best performance for soft-PBXs
  • Highest voice quality in its class
  • Scalability from 2 ports analog or BRI all the way to 8 E1s per card
  • Most complete support for different computer bus types, telephony protocols and application interfaces
  • Hybrid voice cards enable mixed protocols on single board (e.g. 2 BRI lines with 2 FXO/FXS analog)
  • Synchronization of fax and voice
  • Compact form factor with 2U height fits in all major server or computer types
  • Worldwide distribution, support and certifications
  • Lifetime warranty on all hardware

Sangoma Support.

In the Sangoma Wiki page you can find installation procedures for all sangoma cards and products. They applied for almost all platforms where their products can be installed.

How to get support for Sangoma.

Your first point of contact to have support for your Sangoma products is Xmartek. You can email us to  Also you can get support directly from Sangoma if you send them an email to

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If it is an emergency, this is usually the fastest way to get your problem resolved and your system up and running. Call us at: 1 905 474 1990 x 3


Over the years, Sangoma has created a number of tutorials on various WAN and communications topics.
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Once the technical support team from Sangoma has confirmed that your hardware needs to be replace and if it is under warranty you need to send an email to  with all details, like product reference, problem description, serial number, date of purchase.

If the product was sold by Xmartek send a copy of your RMA's email to

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Need to learn more about some aspect of the industry that relates to your Sangoma hardware? Click on the link below for a list of current and past events and trainings offered by Sangoma.


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30 ports Major Upgrade

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60 ports Major Upgrade

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120 ports Major Upgrade

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240 ports Major Upgrade

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30 Ports NetBorder Express Gateway Software plus Sangoma A101D Card.

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30 Ports NetBorder Express Gateway Software plus Sangoma A101DE Card.
PCI Express

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SS7 Gold 1 Yr Maintenance.
Covers switch debugging, priority access to new releases, update installation and configuration, plus one-on-one, real-time assistance.

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NetBorder Transcoding Gateway ISO: Software License only (Transcoding board not included) â€" 400 Sessions

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60 Ports NetBorder Express Gateway Software plus Sangoma A102D Card.

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60 Ports NetBorder Express Gateway Software plus Sangoma A102DE Card.
PCI Express

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NetBorder Transcoding Gateway ISO: Software License only (Transcoding board not included) 800 Sessions

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120 Ports NetBorder Express Gateway Software plus Sangoma A104D Card.

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120 Ports NetBorder Express Gateway Software plus Sangoma A104DE Card.
PCI Express

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Sangoma Signalling Media Gateway SS7 License per server.
Note: Must be purchased with SS7 Gold Annual Maintenance Agreement

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240 Ports NetBorder Express Gateway Software plus Sangoma A108D Card.

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240 Ports NetBorder Express Gateway Software plus Sangoma A108DE Card.
PCI Express

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