TOPEX is among the most innovative, fast growing European manufacturer of telecommunication equipment, providing a wide range of telecommunication applications. The company has over 18 years of experience in research, development and manufacture of both civil and military telecommunication devices.

Our company acts like a bridge between analog, digital, IP telephony systems in wired and wireless environments.

TOPEX philosophy is built around the syntagm "everything connects". This is the expression of our credence, vehicle for the internal evolution of the company and interface for external contacts.

TOPEX's leveraged expertise includes: Next Generation Network solutions {Softswitch, Media Gateways for TDM, VoIP, GSM and CDMA (2G,3G), Signaling Gateways (SS7, ISDN, R2, SIP, H323)}, Broadband Wi-Fi Mobile Routers, Fixed-Mobile Terminals (2G, 3G) and ATC Voice Communication Systems.

TOPEX products address the needs of business today that demand communication convergence at lower costs and the ability to exploit the Internet and existing data networks with VoIP for cheaper cost calling.

All the products are developed by TOPEX own Research & Development Department which has as its main goal the provision of future-ready telecommunications equipments.

Our company offers you profitable and practical solutions: the entire range of equipments is very easy to customize and enhance (flexible, upgradeable configurations).

In order to achieve effective and flawless manufacturing of its products TOPEX has organized complete production facility in Europe. The company has proven the quality of its resources being permanently present in the most important markets on Europe. It delivers its products worldwide through a global distributor network.


TOPEX key benefits:
- 18 years of experience and expertise in telecommunications
- R&D totalizes more than 50 professionals in hardware and software
- ISO 9001:2000 certified for hardware and software development, manufacturing

TOPEX solution key elements:
- product capability: new technologies represent stronger features
- flexibility and customization: quick to react at customer demands, customize solution for particular customer
- open standards: an open platform where multiple vendors can be brought into complete a deployment, open (Linux) and modular architecture
- pricing: TCO is less as compared with traditional vendors
- better cost structure: the software and hardware can be priced separately, charged per subscriber basis in case of Class 5 deployments

How to get support for TOPEX.

Your first point of contact to have support for your TOPEX product is Xmartek.

Please  email us your snom support requests to 

Also you can get support directly from snom by following this link:


Once the technical support team from TOPEX has confirmed that your hardware needs to be replace and if it is under warranty you need to send an email to open a case through  with all details, like product reference, problem description, serial number, date of purchase.

Contact the TOPEX support department at 40729 787 678

If the product was sold by Xmartek send a copy of your RMA's email to



Topex Training program and Technical Documentation

Training capital:

Topex offers sales and technical training options designed to give partners, sales representatives and systems engineers the information needed to successfully sell and deliver TOPEX solutions.

We offer a set of training courses for IP Telephony and our product lines. Topex also offers courses in IP networking technologies to provide knowledge required to efficiently operate and maintain all Topex products.

First Step: Become an XmarteK Partner

Once you register at XmarteK online as well as submit a successful reseller application, you will have access to secure resources only available to TOPEX registered users. You will not only be able to enjoy our benefits, but will also have access to marketing tools, training information, downloads, as well as our price list!

1.       Create an account at XmarteK online

2.       Complete our reseller application and join the TOPEX partner program through XmarteK!

Once you successfully become part of our program, your company will benefit from:

1.     Access to the products we represent along with discounted prices

2.     Catalogs, Manuals, and Promotions

3.     Multilingual commercial and technical support, provided by highly qualified professionals.

4.     Logistical support in facilitating and integrating relationships with Latin America

5.     Distribution of leads that we receive from our vendors, website and marketing activity

6.     Direct technical support and commercial support from our vendors

7.     Membership to the XmarteK Network of System Integrators and Resellers where you can extend your presence through other members in more than 50 countries

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Entitled are all specialized retailers who sell TOPEX products or are planning to do this in the nearest future.

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Topex GSM board - Wavecom module    2 GSM channels, 4 SIM cards per channel, with 2 x Q24 Classic, 850/900/1800/1900MHz

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Topex GSM board - 4 Huawei module    4 GSM channels, 1 SIM cards per channel, with 4 x GTM900 900/1800MHz

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Topex CDMA board - AnyData module    2 CDMA channels, 4 SIM cards per channel, with 2 x DTSS-800 800MHz

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Number portability upgrade a tool for routing calls according to a number portability table  

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